Credits for PHYLIP

PHYLIP was first released in 1980. Here are some people whose participation has been important:

Early programming:

Distribution of different versions: these people pioneered the various forms of distribution, but all versions are now distributed by us.

Important contribution of program code

Further programming:

Current programmers are:

(When they're not working on LAMARC)

Grant support
Yearsgranting agency grant number
2011-2013National Science FoundationDEB-1019583
2011-2012National Science FoundationCooperative agreement DBI-0939454
2005-2009NIH NIGMSR01 GM071639
1999-2003National Science FoundationDEB-9815650
1996-1999 National Science Foundation BIR-9527687
1992-1995 National Science Foundation DEB-9207558
1992-1994 NIH NIGMS Shannon Award 2 R55 GM41716-04
1989-1992 NIH NIGMS 1 R01-GM41716-01
1990-1992 National Science Foundation BSR-8918333
1987-1990 National Science Foundation BSR-8614807
1979-1987 U.S. Department of Energy DE-AM06-76RLO2225
TA DE-AT06-76EV71005

No thanks to

A few thoughts about the above list:

Hero Medals for standing up for us at considerable personal risk to

Thanks for helping us find funds to

Much helpful advice from

Inspiration to keep going came from

And many thanks to about 300 users for complaints, suggestions, bug fixes, and much more.

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