Versions, current and future

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Version 3.6

The official release of PHYLIP has now reached version 3.695.

Here are some of the ways in which the 3.6 release differs from the 3.5 releases:

Future versions

As we move toward version 4.0, we intend to change in a number of directions:

In general, we are now using a "stable/unstable" release structure. This means that we keep fixing bugs in the current version of PHYLIP, resulting in a series of minor releases (3.62, 3.63, 3.64, etc.) while also adding new features to another version (3.7) which is to be the next major release. This requires care to ensure that bug-fixes are made in both the current and the future versions. We have hopes of releasing version 3.7a towards the end of 2008. We will release alpha and beta releases of it in addition to the 3.6 release, which will continue to be available as the official version until the full release of version 3.7 later.

To see recent bug fixes and ones that are to be fixed in the next minor release, look here.

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