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The already-compiled executables available are

Each is available as one or more self-extracting archives. That means that they are large files that contain in compressed form the various executables for that system, plus a self-extraction program. When you execute the self-extracting archive as if it were a program, it unpacks itself into many different files and puts them on your hard disk. The Mac OS X distribution is as a Disk Image, and after that is unpacked you have to copy the contents out to another folder before using them.

If you get the executables for any of these types of machines, make sure you also get the documentation files. These are packaged with the source code in one of the self-extracting archives.

You will also want to follow the installation instructions, which you will find here.

f you cannot easily configure your system to include them, you should look into using the For many Unix or Unix-compatible systems, executables are not necessary. Provided that your Unix system has a C compiler, you can easily compile the source code yourself. Put the source code in a directory and type "make install", and executables should be produced.

Executables made available by others

Debian linux executables

Andreas Tille and Stephane Bortzmeyer have compiled and made available a set of PHYLIP 3.68 executables for Debian Linux (which includes Ubuntu Linux, which is a form of Debian Linux). These are in the "unstable" section of Debian packages and may be downloaded for free ("free in the sense of free beer") from its page on the Debian web site at http://packages.debian.org/unstable/science/phylip. or from various Debian mirror sites. Of course, one can also install the source code (see under Unix above) and compile it yourself.

A similar package is also available from the Bio-Linux distribution at the NERC Environmental Bioinformatics Centre, Oxford, U.K. It may be accessed here. Installation instructions are nearby.

Executables for FreeBSD

A PHYLIP 3.68 package for FreeBSD Unix is available, thanks to David Bader and others. It is located at the BSD PHYLIP package web page at http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/cvsweb.cgi/ports/biology/phylip/.

Red Hat Linux RPMs

Luc Ducazu, of Merelbeke, Belgium, has put together Red Hat Linux RPM packages of version 3.61. There is one of executables compiled with the Gnu GCC compiler, one of executables compiled with the Intel ICC compiler, and one of documentation and sources. They can be downloaded from the wiki at the Biolinux web site. This requires a free registration. These packages have not been updated in recent years. They can be installed on versions of Linux that have a package management system that handles RPMs. One set is for RedHat 9, another for the Fedora Core 1 and Fedora Core 2 distributions which are the successors for the low-end Red Hat distributions, and another is for Suse Linux 9.1.

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