Source code ... compiling it yourself

The source code for PHYLIP comes is in the C language. The programs are written in generic ANSI-compatible C code which can be compiled on most systems. There are conditionally-defined pieces of code to adapt the programs to Windows, Mac OS or Mac OS X systems, or to Linux or Unix systems that have X windows.

Please note that if you simply want to run PHYLIP programs, and you have the PHYLIP executables, you don't need to compile anything, just use the executables.

Unix   and   Linux

The source code comes with a Makefile that enable it to be compiled easily on most compilers.

PHYLIP has been compiled successfully on Unix and Linux systems with the GCC C compiler, and with proprietary compilers from Sun, HP, Compaq/Digital, SGI, and many other systems.

On most Linux or Unix systems all you need to do is type "make install".

Windows, MacOS, and MacOS X

Compiling the source code on PCs and on Macs is less easy. For the most part you do not have to think about doing it, as we distribute executables for Windows systems, for Mac OS X systems, and others distribute Linux executables. Once in a while you might want to recompile a program to add a feature of your own; the instructions for doing this are given in the documentation. However some leading PC and Mac compilers do not make this easy. It is possible to use a Makefile for the GNU GCC compiler, for the Microsoft .NET compiler, for Borland C, and for the Cygwin port of GCC to Windows, but it's harder for Codewarrior C++, which we used to use for the Mac OS 8 and 9 compiles. Codewarrior did not use a Makefile, but requires you to structure your compilation into "projects". Unfortunately although many different compilers do it that way, the project structures differ between different compilers. Our distribution supplies icon files for GCC, MS .NET, Borland C, and Cygwin GCC.

If you have a PC or a Mac OS X system, try our precompiled executables and avoid recompiling unless you have to.

VMS and OpenVMS

The source code we distribute also has a file for VMS VAX systems. The present version should also be able to be compiled on DEC Alpha OpenVMS systems with a little hand-editing of the phylip.h and files. We have not checked this in quite a while, since VMS and OpenVMS systems have basically disappeared and we have no access to one.

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