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A new release of PHYLIP, version 3.698, is now available as source code. This release differs in correcting the consensus tree bug that was recently pointed out, and in its license -- from version 3.696 on, we have had an open source license, so that PHYLIP can be distributed with other software that has commercial licenses or has a restrictive open-source source license. MacOS executables are at version 3.695, with the old license, but I will update them soon.

Note -- recently users of 64-bit Windows systems have had difficulty running the Java front ends for the Drawgram and Drawtree tree-drawing programs. This was because this was 32-bit code. With the version 3.698 executables, we now have a 64-bit distribution available and these should run properly. The 3.695 Windows executables that are 32-bit code is also still available, for people who have older 32-bit Windows systems.

PHYLIP is a free package of programs for inferring phylogenies. It is distributed as source code, documentation files, and a number of different types of executables. These Web pages, by Joe Felsenstein of the Department of Genome Sciences and the Department of Biology at the University of Washington, contain information on PHYLIP and ways to transfer the executables, source code and documentation to your computer.

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