Older versions of PHYLIP


PHYLIP has been distributed since October of 1980, when version 1.0 was released. Early versions differed mostly by minor bug fixes, but as time went on more and more changes were included in each release.

Many older versions of PHYLIP are available from our server. These were in Pascal, and what you will find there is the Pascal source code and the documentation files. (At a later date I may also release the compiled executables for some of these versions.)

Extracting the archives

They are in the form of Unix tar archives, which can be un-tar'ed on any Unix server, but putting them in a directory of their own and then issuing the command
   tar xvf phylip17.tar
(or whatever the archive name is).

The tar command will also work in a Command Tool window on Windows 10, and in a Terminal window on Mac OS. These are found, respectively, in the Accessories menu and in the Utilities subfolder in the Applications folder. You might need to omit the "v" switch and use a "-" to designate the switches, as in the command
   tar -xf phylip17.tar

Compiling the programs

You should be able to get the programs to execute by compiling then with Gnu Pascal or with Free Pascal. Some attention may be needed to the RESET and REWRITE statements (and associated ATTACH statements that are needed with them or instead of them). That may include specifying input and output file names in those statements.

Versions available

The versions are:

Version    Date of Release    Name of archive file    Size of archive file   
1.7 December, 1981 phylip17.tar 266K
2.2 April, 1982 phylip22.tar 727K
2.51 February, 1984 phylip251.tar 686K
2.61 December, 1984 phylip261.tar 829K
2.7 July, 1985 phylip27.tar 1044K
3.0 April, 1987 phylip30.tar 1741K
3.1 March, 1988 phylip31.tar 2.15Mb
3.3 March, 1990 phylip33.tar 2.18Mb
3.4 June, 1991 phylip34.tar 2.73Mb
3.5c March, 1993 (see below)

More are coming. Version 1.7 is the earliest one that I have. Version 1.0 was released in October, 1980. A reading of the "bugs" file in version 1.7 will show that only a few bug fixes and minor features separate versions 1.0 and 1.7.

These programs are, of course, primitive compared to later programs. They are presented here primarily for their historical interest.


Version 3.5c

Although the official version now being distributed is 3.6, the previous version, 3.5c, was so widely used that it may be useful to continue to have it available here.

Registration of 3.5c

If you wish, you can register here after you have transferred version 3.5c

Installation of 3.5c

Here you will find more information about how to install PHYLIP 3.5c on your computer once you have fetched the appropriate archive files.

Download 3.5c

For Unix workstations, VAXen, etc.:

For Intel compatible processors with Windows95, Windows98, or WindowsNT:

For 386, 486, or Pentium systems running Windows 3.1:

For 386, 486, or Pentium systems running DOS:

For pre-386 systems (such as PC/AT or PC/XT compatibles):

For PowerMacs:

PHYLIP 3.65 version for Macintoshes

PHYLIP 3.65 for Mac OS 8 or 9

Macintosh Mac OS executables are also available for Apple Macintosh systems running Mac OS 8 or Mac OS 9 (we don't know whether they will work on Mac OS 7). They will not work on pre-PowerMac 680x0 Macintosh systems. These are available for version 3.65 and have not been updated since then. Almost nobody has these operating systems anymore -- they were long ago superseded by MacOS X (which has recently been renamed MacOS but is not these old operating systems.

Note -- We do not have a Mac OS 8 or 9 system on which to compile the latest PHYLIP versions to make Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9 executables, so we cannot update these versions to later code.

For Macintosh Mac OS (Mac OS 8 or 9) the package is distributed as a single Stuffit (.sit) archive of 4.9 Megabytes, which contains the source code, documentation, and executables:

If the Mac OS machine on which you will use the package is not connected to the Internet, you may instead prefer to download these four Stuffit archives which are each small enough to be written onto a floppy disk:

Register here after you have transferred anything

(It is not necessary to register separately for each file transferred -- you can register once after downloading several files).

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